Unbelievable (2019)

by Film Notions

Netflix’s new true crime drama is definitely one to put on the binge list. From the writer of Erin Brockovich, Susannah Grant has created a very factual, entertaining and extremely important series.

I always like to fact check these shows after watching them. Mindhunter, When They See Us, have been previous shows that I’ve been more than impressed with in regards to how much they stick to the real story. Unbelievable is no different.

Everyone in this series is great. Toni Collette plays the bitching and badass detective almost a little too well. It’s so great to see Collette in a really different role. Merritt Wever, who I loved in Netflix’s Godless, nails it again. Wever really is a wonderful actress and one I hope to see a lot more of! But the standout goes to Kaitlyn Dever. Straight off the back of her happy go lucky role in Booksmart, playing the character of Marie Adler cannot have been easy. It’s a powerfully heartbreaking portrayal of a real life person, who went through hell, and Dever couldn’t be better. Some other great performances, I thought, were from Danielle Macdonald & Eric Lange.

Unbelievable is not an easy watch. The intense and uneasy subject matter is meant to stir emotions and definitely sheds some light on an undeniably important and relevant issue.