Tron: Legacy (2010)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 8/10.

“Legacy” certainly had a, er… legacy to live up to. Fans of the original like myself had been waiting for 28 years. Newcomers also probably needed to be convinced that this wasn’t “your daddy’s TRON”, so to speak. I feel that it succeeded in general.

It respectfully continues the story of the first film, whilst also taking the opportunity to create more complex worlds. The world of the grid is far more layered, and additional themes are added. It’s a fully realised world, much more nuanced than the good/bad of the original. Meanwhile, the real world not only has the corporate greed theme of the original, but elements focusing on family too. The “legacy” of the title has a dual meaning.

I enjoy Flynn’s character arc. It shows he is, after all, only human. Again, there are layers to his relationships with the system and with his son. Speaking of, Hedlund does a reasonable job even though he’s a touch wooden. It’s Wilde who’s the standout though. Her character arc is the best.

Flawed like Flynn’s creation, but an immensely enjoyable trip.


Video: 10/10.

Stunningly good. Depth and detail are amazing. The real world exhibits the most minute details in the grit and grime. The grid is the exact opposite – clean lines, perfect gradations of whites to blacks and extremely vivid colours. If only the CG face used for Clu and Flynn held up to the scrutiny as well.

Audio: 9.5/10.

An incredibly immersive experience. There isn’t a single element out of place in the two hour plus run time. Surround activity is near constant and LFE content is big and well defined. To top it off, Daft Punk’s amazing soundtrack (one of my absolute favourites of the last decade) sounds sensational.


MoofieMeter: 8/10.