Thunder Road (2018)

by Film Notions

Wow! I highly recommend seeing this one. This is a great little debut indie from Jim Cummings. Made for $200K, which it made back, and then some, in its first week in theatres in France. This is based on the short film by Cummings which won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 2016.

From what I have read about Cummings, he was quite depressed, as he just wasn’t happy with what he was doing in his acting career. He wasn’t making any money and his work wasn’t being seen. So after toiling with depression, he ended up deciding to do something for himself. He wrote and directed himself in a short film of the same name. After the Sundance award, he then got the green light to do a feature-length, and I’m so glad it did. He also notes, Trey Edward Shults {Krisha & It Comes At Night} as his inspiration to make films.

Thunder Road has an amazing, stand out performance from Cummings. He is so good in this role and by the end, it’s hard not to shed a tear. The film is funny & sad in all the right ways. It’s a slow burner, but a ride worth experiencing. I really hope more people see this!! Bravo Jim! Bravo!