The Morning Show – Season 1 (2019)

by Film Notions

Apple TV+ opened its streaming platform with 3 episodes of their really big show. Said to be costing $300M for the first 2 seasons, that works out at a whopping $15M per episode. With the big names of Aniston, Witherspoon, and Carell, this certainly seemed like Apple’s major attempt to lure in the viewers, but from what I’ve seen it has been critically bashed for no good reason at all.

It’s a shame that critics have hated The Morning Show so entirely. I’m sure it’s done quite a bit of harm to the streaming platform. I mean if they can’t get there flagship show right, surely they’ve stuffed everything else up. Well, I don’t agree, and I have spoken to a few others that have loved the show so far. So if you’ve been putting it off due to the critical reception, I would definitely give it a try. It honestly had me hooked from the first episode.

The other thing I think they got wrong was the marketing. From any of the promos, it looked more like a comedy soap opera affair. It couldn’t be further from this. The Morning Show is a deep look into the MeToo movement, and it does a great job of being unbiased and balanced.

Everyone is excellent in their roles, Billy Crudup being my favourite. His character is a joy to watch and Crudup envelopes the role with a huge amount of charisma. I would have to say my only query is Mark Duplass. I’m generally a big fan, but I’m not too sure he fits the role. He is growing on me. This is one show this year, I haven’t been able to stop at just one episode. Definitely binge-able. Give it a go.