The Mandalorian:
Chapter 1 (2019)

by EHL Movie Reviews

Run Time: 38 minutes
Release Date: November 12 2019
Platform: Disney Plus
Genre: Sci-fi

Plot Summary

The travails of a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from the authority of the New Republic.

Before we get into spoilers, a brief overview of my initial thoughts on this first episode. You really get the feeling that we are back in the original trilogy days, the look and feel of this program almost feels like we’ve gone back to the time they were released. However, this takes nothing away from the look of this, it is just what Star Wars fans alike are looking for and will be an interesting world to look deeper into with plenty of characters to dive into and answer questions that need answering. Unlike the films, the score for this seems to have taken a different approach, at times you get the vibes of ‘Game of Thrones’ or a spaghetti western, but this absolutely works and accompanies this world perfectly. With plenty of clever nods to the Star Wars universe, this was a solid start to this program.

For what felt like it was going to take an age to get here, the day has finally come, the release of Disney streaming service, Disney +. One of the most anticipated shows on this service is most certainly The Mandalorian, based in the Star Wars universe this follows a lone bounty hunter across this galaxy.

Spoiler Warning

We start this episode in a bar, not much different from Mos Eisley Cantina, an icy equivalent. Here enters our main character, pretty much straight from the off he’s causing trouble. Mando makes short work of the guys in the bar, at one point closing the circular door using his blaster right onto one of the antagonists, cutting him in half.

“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold”, the chilling words of a bounty hunter who’s got their man.

After a brief encounter with a leviathan on the ice, we fly into the galaxy, when our prisoner gets a little too sneaky and ends up frozen into carbonite and added to our assassins collection he is taking to collect his reward. Upon landing he learns of a very rewarding job, with others not paying so well he checks it out.

We walk into a very seedy looking building, with more nods to the original trilogy, the Empire (although not around) still has it’s place, that is evident not only by the stormtroopers in the rooms, but the symbol plastered over this scene. The job is a tricky one, discretion is a must, only given a tracking device and an age (50 yo) to go by. The payment, Beskar steel and lots of it.

Going into what looks like a Mandalorian tavern, we find out more about our bounty hunter, once a foundling (orphan), we get flashbacks, his family caught in a war.

Moving onto a desert planet, he gets attacked by local wildlife only to be saved by a local. In turn, this local then helps Mando seek his goal, teaching him to ride the creatures that attacked, to get over this desolate wasteland.

This is where we arrive on location. Quickly he realises he’s not the only one on this task, an IG droid (Bounty hunter droid) has also taken on this task. Kicking butts together is what they decide on, splitting the bounty, however suicidal this droid wants to be they get through the battle unscathed.

Finding their target, a pod, with a youngling inside it, but it was supposed to be a 50-year-old. The IG unit wants to kill the baby, Mando blasts straight through the droid. There’s something familiar about this kid, one we’ve seen before, a species unknown…small and green, ring any bells?

Spoiler Thoughts
A baby of Yoda’s genealogy it seems, at the slender age of 50, this would take the child to just before Episode I, where Yoda was clearly active. What could this mean, the answers will surely come.