The Invisible Man (2020)

by Film Notions

Note to cinemas. They need to start installing seat belts in cinemas, because this gives new meaning to being on the edge of your seat. Be careful! Don’t fall off.

I was super keen for this as soon as I watched the first trailer. I LOVED Upgrade, and Elisabeth Moss is always great at bringing something different to the table. So going in my expectations were fairly high, and this exceeded them…. by a lot. The tension that is created in this horror/thriller is brilliant and undeniable. It’s methodical build and purposefully slow camera work really gets under your skin, and puts you on high alert. It’s truly brilliant. Also, the sound design and score are exceptional. See this somewhere with great surround sound!

Performance wise, Moss is always superb in my books, and this is no different. She’s so believable, so rooted in her character. The film most certainly works in big part, due to her harrowing portrayal of a women escaping a violent relationship.

Leigh Whannell, coming off the back of the electrical effort that was Upgrade, has put another foot firmly forward with this remake of The Invisible Man. Making this film for $7M is an astonishing effort. I almost don’t believe it. The production is stunning. Whannell seemed to have an almost impossible task ahead of him and he has 100% delivered.

This is suspense at it’s best! This is horror at its smartest. Just go see this film!! I really don’t think you will be disappointed. Unless you have a heart condition or something. Then, this comes with a warning.