Tenet (2020)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 7.5/10.

Christopher Nolan’s latest entry in his filmography is his least accessible for the general public. It’s also his most Nolan-esque film. Any longtime fan of his will know of his love for non-linear storytelling, and “Tenet” not only uses it as a tool, but also a plot device.

It’s an extremely dense film, and it doesn’t cater to causal viewers. You’re thrust into the immediately and it doesn’t let up. You’re expected to keep up and intuit things, and I suspect some viewers will be frustrated by a film that seems muddy and difficult to comprehend. Lest that make me sound like a snob, I’ll simply say that Nolan has added sci-fi elements to stories before. This is the first time he’s gone full cerebral sci-fi, and that’s my bread and butter.

He ensures plenty of action though. A LOT of action. It’s not all straightforward though.

Casting is quite strong. Pattinson was good. Washington was a little less convincing – almost like he didn’t have a complete grasp of the story. Debicki was a touch too aloof for my tastes. Branagh is a better Russian than he was in Jack Ryan. Perhaps I’ve become accustomed to sci-fi over the years, but I’d guessed the plot twists very early on. They were still satisfying though.

“Tenet” will delight some, and frustrate the rest.

Video: 10/10.

Nolan collaborates with Hoytema again to deliver an impressive image. It’s quite sharp, and a natural image. It’s not heavily graded, so it retains a pleasing look with plenty of detail.

Audio: 10/10.

A near non-stop sonic assault. Ludwig Goransson turns his best Hans Zimmer impression up to 11 and lets fly. Weapons fire and punches pack a wallop. I’ve heard some people had issues with dialogue. It was clear for me, save a few lines drowned out by noise.


MoofieMeter: 8/10.