Stranger Things: Season 3 (2019)

by EHL Movie Reviews

Run Time: 8 Episodes
Release Date: July 04 2019
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Creators: Matt Duffer & Ross Duffer
Cast: Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Winona Ryder


Plot Summary

In the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, the new Starcourt Mall has become the focal point of the town, driving other stores out of business. Sheriff Hopper is conflicted over Eleven and Mike’s budding relationship, while Joyce considers moving out of Hawkins for better prospects, leaving the state of the children’s friendships and her own relationship with Hopper in the air. However, strange power fluctuations trigger Will’s awareness of something otherworldly, and Eleven and Max sense something is off about the town’s residents, and despite having closed the portal to the Upside Down, fears that they are all in danger from it still.

Everyone knows them, instantly recognisable nowadays, the kids of Hawkins, grown up now on the cusp of adulthood. We have followed them through this incredible journey they have been on fighting these demonic monsters that have plagued their town. Season 3 of Stranger Things explores these teenage kids extraordinary lives that little bit further, with a new threat to them all and the added threat of growing up.

Throughout this season each character has their part to play in the events that are to unfold. They seem more split, we have a few different story-lines going on, all of which leading to the ultimate finale in which they will all come to the same place. This way of story telling gives each character a meaning and plenty of depth, earning their place on the screen. Even the villain has their part to play in this, all these performers do an outstanding job in giving us these story arcs which involve love, family, hate, you name it the emotion is there. New characters also played their part, most notably ‘Robin’ who adds that little bit of humour, just to beef up the depth of this season.

One thing is clear within this season, the creators have become more bold. There are plenty of gruesome parts to this season, we have seen this before but with this impressive monster that has risen out of the “Upside Down”, these gruesome moments become a lot more regular.

At points this wasn’t the easiest to watch, with plenty of dark moments, but what can you expect, its a dark program, most of the big events happen at night. But this didn’t take too much away from some awesome scenes of these kids fighting these demons they thought they were rid of.

Season 3 has got myself excited as to what is to come, a perfect balance of character building and the horror that we love to see from this program. With an added end credits scene that only makes you question whats to come, exciting times.