Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 7/10.

Such a love/hate film for the fandom as a whole and for me personally. On one hand I love that it wasn’t a complete retread and tried some different things. On the other hand, there were some terrible character choices made and large sections of the plot are entirely nonsensical.

For the most part, I actually like Luke’s story. If they just ditched the “let’s make Luke’s trauma comedic!” shtick (hey Disney, you did the same with fat Thor and it sucked!), his story would have resonated far more than it did. As it stands, without those moments it’s quite poignant.

Rey’s and Ren’s story is the most complete. It’s actually pretty decent. That throne room fight is still terrible though.

The Resistance – well, I hate that Leia got chucked in the middle of the dumbest plot line. None of it makes sense. The Mary Poppins moment is laughable, and the Canto Bight section of the film should have never even existed. There’s an infinitely better film to be made, even if the rough framework had to be retained.


Video: 9.5/10.

Overall, a pretty solid native 4K presentation. Detail levels are generally high, colours are accurate, and the encode is good. Some of the CGI is truly average.

Audio: 8/10.

Ugh. Good old Disney restrained dynamics. The low end is woefully lacking, and the whole mix is a little too flat for my liking. Clarity is good, but for a flagship franchise this mix should be so much better.


MoofieMeter: 7/10.