Q&A – Vol. 3:
Team Eon

by Starsky

Instagram: @eon.gg
YouTube: Team Eon
Twitter: @officialteameon


Who are the founding members of Team Eon and what inspired them to start their own Fortnite team?
(@eonchaz) I started the team because I wanted to play with a good group of people and build a team that was more like a family where everyone was kind, supportive, and insane at the game!

How many members are there and what are the various roles?
Currently, we have around 40 members varying from VFX, GFX, Competitive Players, Content Creators, Managers, Sponsor Managers, and Recruiters.

Does Team Eon compete in tournaments? If so, please explain. If not, is there a chance for competitive in the future?
We are looking to be very competitive in the future, some of our players are looking at lan events they can compete at in the near future and many of the Eon Competitive members played in the World Cup and placed highly!

Will the team expand to other titles beyond Fortnite?
At the moment we are going to stick to fortnite but we are looking to expand to other games in the future!

What were some of the difficulties you faced when starting the team?
Some difficulties I faced when starting the team were getting traction and growing, it’s tough being a small team but I prevailed, didn’t ask for any shoutouts or anything from any big teams I just keep putting out good content, came up with original ideas, and tried to be the best I can!

Do you have any helpful advice to people looking to create their own gaming team?
For anyone that wants to create a team I recommend that you try to be the best you can, don’t be cocky, don’t ask for shoutouts( It just annoys the team), be original, originality is everything, and try to consistently put out good quality content