Q&A – Vol. 20: Directors Visions

by Starsky

Instagram: @directors_visions


Tell me a little about who you are
My name is Bart Kwint, I’m from a town called Almere, it’s close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I’m 27, married and obviously love movies.

What did you grow up watching?
I grew up watching a lot of films, basically every night I watched one with my parents! A lot of action movies, thrillers, and dramas. Not really the taste I have right now, to be honest, that came later!

What inspired you to start up DV?
The thing that inspired me to start DV is that I used to talk a lot about movies to my friends, but I realized that they weren’t as obsessed as I am, so they’d get bored of my conversations real quick, and that left me wanting to have people to talk to about movies with!

What exactly does DV provide to its audience?
DirectorsVision is a community that provides the possibility of talking about movies all day every day with people that actually are just as passionate or even more passionate about movies!

Do you operate the page by yourself?
Me, myself & I run this page! I wouldn’t have it any other way

Is the page your main business? If no, is there a potential for it to be?
This page is more of a hobby than it is a business, however, I’ve got big plans on changing it!

Describe to me what a typical day is like running DV
A typical day of running DirectorsVisions is mainly scrolling through my feed, where I follow a lot of wonderful movie pages from around the world, and then curate the best 6/9 posts for a day! I do the same on YouTube and on Pinterest, they provide lots of great content as well!

Do you remember your first post? What was it?
My first post, geez, that’s hard to remember! But I think it must have been something from Inception (2010) or something of Nolan because at the time of starting this page about 4 years ago he was my favorite director!

What do you value most about the page?
The thing I value most about DirectorsVisions is the fact that so many people are active followers, they are engaged in the comment section and actively give their opinions and statements! This, in turn, leads to a lot of great discussions about movies!

What is your greatest achievement on DV so far?
The greatest achievement of DV is probably reaching 500K and having celebrities like Margot Robbie, Wally Pfister & Jonah Hill follow this page!

Will you expand to another platform in the future?
No, I don’t really feel the need to expand to any other platform than Instagram.

Which particular page has influenced you the most along the way?
Well at the beginning of “movie-related Instagram pages” I collaborated a lot with @cinema.magic, @historyofcinema, @must_act & @cinemonkeys. I still visit those pages daily and they influence a lot of the posts I put out there!

Do you have any upcoming projects?
Yes, I’m currently working on setting up a clothing line with film-related items such as hoodies & shirts! These designs will be made by me & sometimes collaborations with other graphic designers! I’m really looking forward to showing people some of the designs of their favorite films!

What is the hardest part about operating DV right now?
The hardest part about managing DV must be time management since IG doesn’t allow you to schedule posts, you always have to be online for at least 6-9 times a day. And that is sometimes hard to combine with work, family & traveling, etc.

Did you ever think it would be this successful?
To be honest, when I started the page 4 years ago I never thought I’d reach 500K. I used to be very focused on growing every day and trying to get as many followers as possible, but after reaching 250K I really made a change, I started focusing on the content and people already following me, instead of constantly trying new followers to get on my page!

Is there a page out there that has a lot of potential? Why?
There are actually a few pages that have shown great potential and are growing rapidly:




They have great taste and consistency in their posts! They feel what their community likes and adapt to that! Well organized pages!

Favourite TV series?
My favorite TV series is Breaking Bad, but I’d have to say True Detective Season 1 is perhaps a shared 1st place!

Top 3 favourite films?
My top 3 is ever-changing, but and I don’t like listing them in order, so I’ll just name a few American movies and a few non-American movies that belong to my favorites!

Inception (2010)
Shutter Island (2010)
Whiplash (2014)
Nightcrawler (2014)
Pulp Fiction (1994)
Prisoners (2013)

I like movies with a psychological touch, with a main character that has a lot of flaws, and where things don’t always end well!

La Haine (1995)
Parasite (2019)
Stalker  (1979)
Dogtooth (2009)
Seven Samurai (1954)

Top 3 favourite actors?
My top 3 favorite actors, damn I find these questions very hard to answer… now I realize what I put my followers through every time I ask such a question haha!

Jake Gyllenhaal
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hardy
Denzel Washington

Natalie Portman
Charlize Theron
Viola Davis
Nicole Kidman
Cate Blanchett

Do you have any tips/advice for people looking to build up their page?
I do have a few tips on how to build an IG page from the grond up:

  1. Post high-quality photos & videos… nothing worse than seeing our favorite films in a low quality…
  2. Post consistently and frequently.
  3. Listen to your audience, become familiar with their taste
  4. Work together with pages similar to yours and help each other out
  5. Comment & like on other cinema pages, share your opinion… if people like it they will check out your page and perhaps follow you.
  6. Ask questions, find a way for people to head straight to the comment section after seeing your post.
  7. Be patient, if the quality of your page is good and you post consistently, you will grow… don’t try to cheat your way up because people will notice and you will fall through the cracks.
  8. People like to see a variety of things, mix it up, but make sure you also keep posting “popular” films.
  9. No adds, people are not here to watch you make money… they want films and films only… if you want to make money…

Be clever about it, and try to do it in a combination of serving your community something valuable.