Q&A – Vol. 19: The Squating Dog

by Starsky

Instagram: @thesquatingdog
Twitch: squatingdog
Twitter: @thesquatingdog
YouTube: Squatingdog


Describe in a few words what you do exactly
I am a full time partnered twitch streamer and content creator with a primary focus on Fortnite.

When did you first get into gaming?
My parents got me into Warcraft as a kid and would set up LAN parties to play games together with them and my friends. Gaming has always been my favorite excuse to sit on a couch with my friends for countless hours.

Where did you grow up?
In Fresno, the armpit of California.

How did you get involved in Twitch streaming?
My previous job was draining me immensely and was looking for a change into something that I would be passionate about. I took a risk on being my own boss and building my own brand. So my wife and I had 3 months of rent in savings and sought out to see if I could get a foothold in the space within that timeframe. I wanted to get into streaming to be a positive influence in the space. I have watch plenty of enough toxic streams to recognize that there is a need to experience belonging and acceptance online. I have sought out to provide an environment where people can be themselves and not be fearful of being ripped apart or belittled.

Have you played Fortnite since Season 1?
You better believe it! I started playing on the PS4!

What did you do before you became a full-time Twitch streamer?
I worked for a college as a Resident Director overseeing 8 college RAs and served as a counselor and first responder to any emergencies such as suicide prevention.

How and when did your Instagram come into the mix?
Instagram was a perfect platform for me to simplify the complex question of, “where is everything I am looking for?” I have been a graphic designer for 14+ years now and enjoy problem-solving. So early in on Fortnite a lot of people were sharing tidbits and not completing the full picture. So I made snapshots of everything all in one place. And Instagram and Reddit were both the perfect platforms for consumption of those creations.

What have been the most challenging parts of building up your Instagram page and Twitch channel?
Each social media is different and challenging to understand what people want from them. In fact Instagram I would consider a consuming platform. Most people don’t spend more than a minute on any given post. While twitch is a belonging platform where you sit down for a while and ask the question, “am I comfortable being here?” You cannot take one formula for both social medias. Each social media strategy is completely different and should be looked at uniquely. I went into this naively thinking I could replicate the same processes on each one. No matter how many times I invite my Instagram following it doesn’t translate to twitch users. I think the nugget is using social media as tools to push all your other projects forward.

When did you notice you were gaining popularity?
I got noticed by Epic Games a few times, won some amazing awards on Reddit, and watched my Instagram skyrocket. Each of these things played a vital role in my growth, but one of my favorite, oh shit, moments was when Mr. Beast came into my stream and donated $400 dollars which helped me pay for rent that month. Being recognized by others gave me a chance to be reputable and created opportunity for viewers to decide to check me out instead of maybe their go to A-List streamer.

Is there a specific streamer that has inspired you the most?
I respect the entertainment quality from TimTheTatman, the attention to detail of SypherPK, the production value of Dr. Disrespect, and the honesty of Nick Eh 30.

Who are your main sponsors/advertisers?
I have sponsorships with Logitech G, Blue Microphones, and Seagate currently and are always open to educating my audience on brands worth using. I have always held the mentality of only working with brands that I actually use and believe in. I am a man of quality and will never advertise to my followers something I don’t actually believe is good for them.

Have you played/collaborated with any other major content creators?
I got to play in a tournament with SypherPK which was an absolute blast. And I have played in plenty of content creator tournaments throughout the year brushing shoulders with many A-List Streamers.

Do you have any upcoming plans for TSG you’d like to share?
Yep. I have been using my support a creator income, twitch subs, and donations to build an interactive companion app for android and iOS that will be a one-stop shop for everything challenge related that will be dropping 11.19.19! We’ve been working on this for 6 months now and I am finally ready to put it in the hands of Fortnite users worldwide!

If you had to stream an other game what would it be?
Huge fan of games that allow me to be creative. I don’t take myself too seriously so being able to have fun is always at the forefront of my mind. I also enjoy playing alongside other content creators. That being said battlefield games are awesome, Overwatch will always hold a spot in my heart, and Destiny 2 would always be fun to go back to! Also, random indie games are a blast like Tower-fall Ascension.

What do you do to have a break from streaming/gaming?
Killing my devices. It’s hard for me to turn it off. When you own your business there are a million things you could be doing with your time to better your products. However to really break I need to get away from my work and being present to the outdoors. I’m actually going camping tomorrow with my wife for this exact reason for resting.

Any words of advice for people looking to have a career in the same space?
Of course. First, be yourself. This will be the hardest one especially if you don’t know who you are and what you stand for. We don’t need you being someone else, be you. Secondly, make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. There are no shortcuts. You have to love the work or you won’t last because perseverance happens to be a part of the job. Lastly, quality, you are defined so quickly by first impressions. This is unfortunate, but true. If your mic sounds like velociraptors screeching people will just assume you don’t care. If your setup has no branding or style, viewers will think you aren’t professional. You only have so much time to win someone over. Make sure your quality is above average.