Q&A – Vol. 18: The Disinsider

by Starsky

Instagram: @thedisinsider
Website: thedisinsider.com
Twitter: @TheDisinsider
Podcast: The DCast


Tell me a little about your background
I grew up in Southern California all my life, so being close to Disney has been a huge inspiration for creating my site. Went to film school and studied Film History and marketing. I have worked in a couple different areas of the entertainment industry.

What are some key Disney films that have influenced you over your life?
Peter Pan, my mom would always tell me growing up that I would take the VHS out watch it, rewind and watch again. Apparently, I would do this 8 times a day. So, sharing that experience with my mother has always been huge as she is the person who introduced me to Disney/film and has been my biggest supporter since.

How did you come up with the idea for The Disinsider?
It actually started as an Instagram page called Disney Film Facts. I created the page back in 2013 as a way to share what I know of Disney films including facts and behind the scenes info. I remember in 2013 Disney shared a first look photo from the 1st Maleficent film and I posted it and quickly realized my followers loved learning news on films as well, so I integrated news into the posts. I started writing for a couple film sites along the way and gained a passion for journalism, and after a while, I decided to turn Disney Film Facts into a site of my own. I started gaining a huge following and decided back in early 2018 it was time to change the name of my site to something a little more professional and The DisInsider was born.

Do you work on it by yourself?
No, I have an amazing team that helps run the site including Cami, Sean, Josh, Kaila, Paola, Jessenika, Ben, Julia, and Rattan. I also have an amazing graphics guy Alexis, and of course our official podcast The DCast hosted by Andy, Chris, Shawn, David, and Brooke.

How different was what you originally envisioned the page being like and how it eventually turned out?
That’s a good question, like I said the site has evolved and changed through the years, it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.

What has been the biggest roadblock along the way?
Biggest roadblock really has been putting my own time, effort, and money into this, that said it’s been worth it.

How do you decide what to post?
Really, we base all our scoops on confirmations. When it comes to other news, we report we like to make sure it comes from a reliable outlet.

Out of your website, podcast, and Instagram page – which of them was established first? Why was that?
Instagram came first, then site, then podcast, really that’s the route that made the most sense to me.

Is The Disinsider your main business? If not, what do you do alongside it?
It’s my main business.

What is the most accurate source of information for you when gathering news and updates?
When it comes to film and entertainment news Hollywood Trades (THR, Variety, Deadline) are usually the most accurate but going to official Disney sites like D23.com to get additional information always helps.

Can you tell me about any upcoming projects?
I have two new podcasts in the works, as well as a YouTube series for the site in development.

Is there a specific achievement you are most proud of?
In 2017 I was invited to the Beauty and the Beast (2017) premiere from one of the film’s producers. I got to take my mom, which meant a lot to me. It was something I will never forget.

Are there any upcoming films you are excited for?
Oh yeah in 2020, Jungle Cruise, Eternals, Wonder Woman 1984, Tenet, amongst many others.

Do you have any advice for people starting up their own online media business?
No matter how hard your project is to grow or get off the ground, do NOT give up and push yourself. Surround yourself with a good team. That’s what I’ve done and it’s worked.