Q&A – Vol. 16: CodEnergy

by Starsky

When did you start CodEnergy?
I started September 2018, a month before the release of Black ops 4.

How did the idea for it come about?
I was hyped for black ops 4 and wanted to connect my hype for Call of duty with my then hobby designing. So I thought it would be great to start a CoD page with appealing designs because most pages only had bad quality reposts. 

What does the page provide to its audience?
I want to simplify my audience’s gameplay with tips like class setups and rankings. With these tips, they can just play the game and not worry too much about things like attachments.

How do you determine the best class setups?
I try many combinations as possible and figure out which attachments works the best on each weapon. After a time you know the benefit of all the attachments and it’s easier to find the best setup.

Have you given any thought on expanding to different platforms? Why/why not?
I often thought about starting a YouTube channel but never did because I don’t want to focus me too much on this whole social media CoD thing because this isn’t my main business. It’s something I started when I was bored and grew bigger than I ever thought

What are your thoughts on Modern Warfare?
Modern Warfare is an amazing game. I don’t know why people are always complaining about Call of Duty, a game is never perfect. They added and changed a lot of things, which had a positive impact on the game. I love the game, but the players are camping too much. It still makes a lot of fun and I’m happy with this year’s release.

List one thing that needs to be changed/fixed above all and why
First, they should add smaller maps. It’s more enjoyable to play on these small maps where’s more action and less camping.

Is there a page that inspired you most to start your own?
When I started there was a big call of duty page named “Blackopsfor“. Because he had a lot of experience he was very good at the whole social media game. That inspired me to grow big as his page and at last, I even grew bigger

Do you run any other Instagram pages?
I already had an Apex Legends and Fortnite page with 15k and 10k but I stopped because it was too time-intensive for me. At the moment this is my only page but I’m planning to start a new page with the release of GTA 6 soon.

Rank your top 5 Call of Duty titles

  1. Black Ops 2
  2. Modern Warfare 3
  3. Black Ops 3
  4. Modern Warfare 2
  5. Black Ops

Rank your top 5 Call of Duty maps

  1. Raid
  2. Nuketown
  3. Terminal
  4. Dome
  5. Hijacked

What is your biggest tip for gaining popularity on a page?
Never do it because of money or fame. When you don’t have a passion for it you won’t come far. Because when you “work“ with fun you will work more and better.