Q&A – Vol. 15: Unyolo Movies Blog

by Starsky

Describe what Unyolo Movies Blog does
We talk about and create content about anything related to movies. We do reviews, top lists, fan castings, quotes, and loads of other things.

Who is involved in UMB?
So it’s a dad and Daughter blog, Big J and Little J, Big J is 40 years old and Little J is 15.

What is the story behind the idea?
The idea initially came by because we are living in different countries Big J is in Portugal and Little J in the UK, so we wanted something to do together, and our love for cinema was exactly the right thing to do something cool that we enjoy.

Unyolo is that unlike YOLO (You Only Live Once) with movies we can live many times trough movies. Apparently, You Only Live Once (YOLO). The idea is that you should do most of your life because you only have one. But why? Is one enough? What if we told you there are other lives out there. Where you can go and look for the lost ark, go to a galaxy far far away, Have dinosaurs walk next to you, be scared for your life because a colossal shark is in the water and be best friends with an extra-terrestrial that just wants to go home. Movies allow us to do that, will enable us to be happy, sad, excited and learn from the experiences of others, We fall in love with certain characters, they become our friends and their lives in a certain way become our own. So we say UNYOLO, and want to show you all the other lives out there.

When was the blog established?
We started with Unyolo about 18 months ago

What is your method of selecting and reviewing a new film?
There isn’t really a science behind it, we usually review most movies that come out in cinema when they come out, and then we review movies that we think deserve more attention or that for some reason recently came to conversations we had.
Our method of reviewing is simple, we are brutally honest, we say what we like and what we don’t, but more importantly we try with no spoilers say why we liked it or not, the idea is not to tell people what the movie is about but mostly how it made us fell. Also in all our reviews, we make it clear that is our opinion, doesn’t mean that is the universal truth of a movie is good or not, we always want people to make their mind.

What approach did you have to build UMB up? Were there any major changes along the way?
Actually no, since day one we just focus on creating content that we were passionate about, we always gave our honest opinion even if we knew it would not be popular and made sure to always engage with our audience. After 18 months we still use the same design and approach in our reviews, we try many new ideas for new content, but in the end, the basis for it all is always to do what we enjoy doing.

What was the most difficult part of getting the brand to where it is today?
The hardest thing I guess is always to make sure we get new quality followers, some times it looks like we stuck and not growing, but we just keep doing what we think is right and usually, things get back on track. When we say quality followers we talk about active followers, we spend many hours just erasing followers what for some people mind sound strange but because of the Instagram algorithm that only allows us to reach a small percentage of our community organically we need to make sure fake accounts, disable accounts and just people that don’t care for what we are doing is not going to be part of who we reach.

Describe what Movie Lovers Movie Club is and how it is affiliated with UMB
When we joined Instagram and started to grow UMB we found out that the movie community didn’t really interact, there was many follow for follow, doing likes and comments to each other but nothing that would help accounts grow with cross-content between accounts, so we decided to create like a book club but for movies, the idea was simply to have a day that we all discuss the same movie and share each other opinions.

Are there any upcoming plans for UMB/MLMC? If so, what are they?
At the moment we doing a big Halloween event in MLMC, we have 30 horror movies reviewed by 30 accounts in 30 days.

What do you like and dislike most about running UMB?
Love the community and interacting with people and discussing movies, on the other side we hate the amount of time it takes for us to make it as we think it deserves to be.

Which type of posts are the more successful ones? Why do you think that is?
Every 3 posts we do a list of some kind of our top 7 and that works really well, guess people like to have lists of movies for then to see it.

Are you planning on expanding the brand to another platform?
We would like to get into youtube, but with time

What don’t people know about you?
We usually very open about everything, maybe that I am the CEO of a social network called Cuckuu.

Name three films you can’t live without
Edward Scissorhands, Happy Gilmore and just recently The Joker.

Which pages on Instagram inspire you the most?
I have many but to pick one I would say @reeltimewjoe, he shows what it is to do reviews for the love of movies and not only care about followers, etc.

Do you have any advice for aspiring critics?
Just make it personal, don’t try and do what others do, be sure to share your views and explain what certain movies made you feel and not only describe what they are about.