Q&A – Vol. 13: GNA

by Starsky

What is Fortnite BRGame and what does it provide to its audience?
Fortnitebrgame also known as GNA is a team of 2 who provides Fortnite news, leaks & homemade cheat sheets!

Tell me a little about your background
We first started to post content on our @gna.fortnite page, which grew from 0 to 4.6k followers. Sadly, the account became inaccessible due to some email security reasons. Our other friend who came to the rescue, gave us ownership of his inactive Fortnite page (fortnitebrgame). If it weren’t for him, we would probably not be here, with such an amazing community.

When was FBRG established?
We, Ryan and Aitor started GNA around 3 September 2018.

What is your posting strategy?
Our strategy consists of a few things, it has to be interesting, useful, eye-catching or spark a conversation.

Are there any particular posts that are more successful? Why do you think that is?
Our meme trailers & 1v1/training maps have gotten around 70k/90k+ likes. It’s most likely due to it being interesting, eye-catching, useful and sparking a conversation to a large audience of young & old.

Is the page your main source of income?
Yes. We’re currently studying and run this page as a hobby.

Do you have any sponsors/advertisers? If not, will you in the future?
Nope, I would love to be sponsored. It’s hard for an Instagram page to be sponsored. We’re still in the works on changing our page from just being a “Fortnite” page to a GNA page.

What was the hardest challenge along the way?
Not being shadowbanned by Instagram.

Do you run any other pages?
Yes! We run a cheat sheets page @fnbrmissions & a leaked cosmetics page @fortnitebrco

How do you stay accurately informed with updates, leaks, etc.?
Reddit & multiple trusted Fortnite leakers on Twitter!

Is there a page out there that has influenced you the most? Why so?
Greekgodx the streamer & @blazie on Instagram.

Are you a player of the game?

Does FBRG have any upcoming projects?
We’re maybe working on something called Patreon *not confirmed*

Any tips for people starting up similar pages of their own?
Keep on grinding. If you have Interesting content then you’re bound to be a success.