Q&A – Vol. 8:
Modern Warfare Intel

by Starsky

When did you begin the page?
We began uploading on this page in August of 2015. This was a few months before the launch of Black Ops 3.

What does your page do?
We strive to keep the community updated with the lasted news and information regarding the current Call of Duty. Every so often we post highlights, funny clips, etc. This year we are hoping to be the one-stop-shop Instagram page for all of your Call of Duty content.

Have you established similar pages before?
Yes, we actually used to be on Twitter years ago. Back when Black Ops 2 first came out, we built a news-related twitter page. Unfortunately, our account was suspended (for no reason) right before World War 2 came out and we had close to half a million followers. That was a really unfortunate situation, but things happen.

Is there anything you are most excited for about Modern Warfare?
Definitely excited for cross-platform play. You can see from games like Fortnite how big of an impact it has on the community and the fan base. Players who hated playing alone could now play with their friends on different platforms. I’m happy Infinity Ward made the steps for a similar thing to happen. In order to compete in the industry with the top tier games, you need to offer things like this.

Is there anything you are least excited for about Modern Warfare?
I am least excited about microtransactions and PS4 exclusivity. There is no doubt that MT are a large part of the franchise now so we don’t expect them to ever go away. However, there are definitely ways to go about them and we feel Call of Duty doesn’t do it well. At least with games like Fortnite, you can earn in-game currency just for playing and can purchase skins using it. It’s not necessary to pay in order to obtain them. We also feel that console exclusivity is just backwards and divide the community even more than it already is. Even PS4 players disagree with it. We understand they make a lot of money through the exclusivity deal, but still not ideal in our opinion.

What did you think of Black Ops 4?
I like how Treyarch stepped up to give us Blackout, especially when battle royales were such a big thing at the time. But we lost interest in the game with crazy microtransactions, and what seemed to be an unfinished game. In our opinion, the game didn’t deliver. Especially with big expectations before the release.

Is there a specific strategy you use for posting your content?
No current strategy as of yet, but we try to deliver just the most important and up-to-date news to our profile. We definitely don’t want to flood our followers’ news feeds with unnecessary content.

How do you stay updated with accurate information?
We have some inside sources for a lot of the exclusive information we get. We also stay up to date with other news channels across social media and the official Modern Warfare subreddit.

Is there a specific type of activity/post where you see the best results? What is it?
It seems that our posts where we try to engage our followers seem to do the best. For example, we asked our followers what they thought about there being now Mini Map in MW, by getting constructive responses and starting a proper discussion, we seem to get the most engagement.

Do you have any major plans coming up for MW Intel?
We do actually! Starting just yesterday we are striving to improve the content we post, making it more organic and authentic. We are beginning to do a full makeover on our content we post. Stay tuned.

What are your all-time top 3 Call of Duty titles?
Favourite Call of Duty has to be World at War. Yes, this is definitely a biased answer but it when we first started playing Call of Duty. Although the game wasn’t the best design-wise by any means, most of our fondest gaming memories were playing that game. Modern Warfare 2 is the runner up and then it is a tie between Black Ops 2 and MW3 for the third spot. We could definitely place others in the 2 and 3 spots, but a lot of the time it’s whom you play the game with and whether or not you’re having fun opposed to the design quality.