Q&A – Vol. 10:
Fortnite Empire

by Starsky

What inspired you to create Fortnite Empire?
When Fortnite Battle Royale was released, it instantly caught my eye. I played the game and loved it and decided to create a simple page where I can post memes and other Fortnite content.

Can you explain what the page does for your audience?
My page allows people to be notified as to what is going on in the game; they can find leaks on here that they won’t find in game.

When was FE established?
24th December 2017

Is there another platform you plan to expand to?
I plan to extend to twitter and YouTube soon.

Where do you source your information?
Most of my information is sourced from Twitter as it has the best leakers.

Are you involved in any other pages on Instagram?
Yes, @fortnitecreativebr (creative map codes) and @fortnitetravesty (leaked cosmetics).

When did you notice the page picking up in popularity?
I noticed the page was picking up popularity when all of my videos were gaining 100k + views and my follower count was growing rapidly.

Is this a full-time role for you?
Currently, it is, as I do not have a job, I am in full-time education.

What do you like/dislike most about Forqnite?
I don’t play much Fortnite anymore, but I love the fact you can play with friends. What I dislike is the fact people build 3 Eiffel Towers when they hear a gunshot..

What’s your posting strategy?
I try to post at least once a day, but I strive to post 2-3 times. As most of my followers are from the USA I always post at specific times to get the most likes.

Why did you select Fortnite?
Because it was (and still is) by far the most played and anticipated game at the moment. I also knew quite a lot about it so I thought I’d share my knowledge on Instagram!

Is there a strategy you’d recommend to new pages to achieve success?
Create your own content and make it unique. Make it appealing. If you want to grow an account, follow and interact with people that would like your page.

What process do you have for posting content?
I have to use multiple apps to make my posts, I have to use a Fortnite text generator to get the Fortnite font, I have to get images and leaks from twitter or websites and then put it all together.

Which pages are you a fan of the most?
@Fortnitebr & @Fortleak, perhaps the best Fortnite accounts on Instagram.

What do you like and dislike most about running major Instagram pages?
I like that I can interact with so many different people and that I can help people with my Instagram posts. The worst thing about running a major page is when people self promote and ask for free stuff in your DMs and you receive hate.

Would you ever consider selling any of your pages?
I wouldn’t as I could change these pages into anything I’d like if the game comes to an end.

Do you have a favourite season?
My favourite season is season 5 without a doubt. Was the most fun season!

Do you have a favourite Fortnite content creator?
Tfue – a very entertaining content creator.