Q&A – Vol.1:
Film Stocked

by Starsky

What are your first names?
Chris & Andy.

Why did you start Film Stocked?
One day I (Chris) wanted to start up an Instagram page where I could post about movies and get involved with the film community. My page really took off, and once I hit around 7,000 followers, I decided I wanted to expand and start up a YouTube page. My friend (Andy) and I have always talked about movies since high school, so we had always had an idea of doing a YouTube channel that was movie related. Using my Instagram as a platform to get our channel out there, we started it in June of this year and have been enjoying YouTube ever since.

Do you prefer written reviews or video reviews?
Video Reviews.

What current directors could you see becoming hallmarks of cinema?
Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and Denis Villeneuve.

Will any present actors have the same impact as Jack Nicolson, Robert De Niro, or Marlon Brando?
Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Do you have a film critics from the past or present that you connect most with?
Schmoes Know and Chris Stuckmann.

How do you evaluate a film? Do you take notes during your viewing? Or is there a method post-viewing where you sit down and analyse it all at once?
Honestly, we just sit down and talk out our thoughts on a movie. We will have a couple of pre-prepared key points, but we let it flow naturally. We try to stay away from the normal review style where a plot synopsis is given at the beginning because we feel as though people care about hearing our thoughts and already know what the movie is about.