Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

by EHL Movie Reviews

Chasing through the desert of this apocalyptic fantasy world, George Miller’s latest addition to the Mad Max fantasy world brings a non-stop action packed two-hour epic. Powered by pure adrenaline Mad Max: Fury Road doesn’t have time to breathe at any moment, keeping you fixed to the screen.⁣

The scenes throughout this film aren’t what you’d call beautiful or stunning, but they are within the same description. Mesmerising would be a better way to describe this, filling the screen with all sorts of crazy imagery and action shots to absorb. Nothing is weird in this world, emphasised by the high-flying Coma Doof with his fire breathing guitar.⁣

Theron is the stand out performer throughout this, she takes the role by the horns and runs with it, creating this persona for Imperator Furiosa that bounces of all the other characters on screen. There are some other very interesting performances that stood out, the likes of Immortan Joe, Rictus Erectus and Nux. Hardy as Max was an interesting one, the voice doesn’t quite work and is clearly dubbed in places but his physical performance was outstanding. Some of the facial expressions he brings to the screen really elevate this character and kind of makeup for the poor voice.⁣

⁣If you take out the setting and the story isn’t quite as interesting, but the story really does take a side step in this film and lets the action take the reins. You really cannot speak enough about the scenes that create these moments, it feels like every second has something creative and new to take in, which means this story doesn’t need to have the substance of most films to be successful.⁣

On a personal level, I really feel this is one of the action films of the decade, this is exactly what you want from a film of this genre. A non-stop thrilling ride throughout, which is mesmerising to witness on screen.