Little Women (2019)

by Film Notions

With Little Women, Greta Gerwig does a wonderful job of creating something that feels current and will appeal to all ages, young and old. Staying true to a period of time, whilst injected it with young and upcoming actors, Little Women is a wonderfully clever, and surprising relevant look at women’s roles in society.

Wonderful performances all round. Honestly, there isn’t a foot out of place. Saoirse is fantastic in the lead, and taking nothing away from her at all, Florence Pugh is the standout for me, and gives her best performance to date. That’s pretty big considering how good she was earlier this year in Midsommar. What a year! Also, Chris Cooper is outstanding, reminiscent of the caliber exuded in American Beauty. And if Timothee Chalamet doesn’t break another million hearts after this I’ll eat my hat.

The chemistry between the sisters, the Mother, the next-door neighbours, the love interests is outstanding and a major credit to Gerwig. Her direction is on point, not wavering for one second. While obviously being snubbed so far for awards, I can’t see the Oscars taking the same stance, and would be completely shocked if there’s not a nomination for Best Film and Best Director for the little gold statue.

Little Woman is a very joyous affair. Even though it’s centred around the struggles of life without money, the main feeling you have is one of happiness. Think It’s a Wonderfull Life. Smiling for most of the film you can’t help but feel nice and warm inside as the credits roll.

There is a quote in the film that really personified the theme for me, and it’s from Jo. “Women, they have minds, and they have souls, as well as just hearts. And they’ve got ambition, and they’ve got talent, as well as just beauty. I’m so sick of people saying that love is just all a woman is fit for. I’m so sick of it! …… But, I’m so lonely!” I think this is a wonderfully pertinent moment for this current social climate we find ourselves in. We are all being told what we should be doing, what our ambitions should be, and need to be, but at the end of the day, we still have our most basic human need, love.