Film: 7.5/10.

Literary adaptations: they’re a minefield. So many stray from the source material. It doesn’t automatically make them bad films, but they can be a disappointment.

“It” is a decent film, and certainly better than the cheesy 90’s mini-series, but I haven’t found myself completely enamoured by it each time I’ve watched it.

The decision to base it in the ’80s is unimpressive. It’s the go-to decade at the moment, and clearly the filmmakers are trying to cash in on the “Stranger Things” phenomenon, even casting Wolfhard. It comes off as “The Goonies” meets “It.” I would have preferred a 50’s setting.

Casting is decent. Lillis is the absolute standout with a great performance. Taylor is good too. Skarsgard makes a good Pennywise, even if most of his scares come from CGI.

The production design and visuals are excellent, and clearly one of the highlights. It’s just a shame that almost all of the character development King bestows upon the Losers is absent. Only Beverly truly has a complete character arc, and she’s the one bright spot in a film otherwise dependent on horror consisting of CGI and jump scares… or both.

Entertaining enough, but another adaptation that fails to convey the depth and scope of the source material.

Format: 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray

Video: 7.5/10.

The 2K upscale offers only the most modest of detail increases. The HDR does provide some benefits, but ultimately it’s only marginally better than the Blu-ray.

Audio: 9.5/10.

The disc makes up for the video with an excellent Atmos track. Lots of dynamic sound design, plenty of bass, clear dialogue, and a cacophony of sound effects fill the soundstage.


MoofieMeter: 8/10.