Inception (2010)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 9/10.

In a filmography littered with consistently excellent entries, “Inception” stands as one of my favourite Nolan films. It has an impressive scope, with a multi-faceted story realised by some truly good writing. The visuals might wow, but it’s the writing that offers every viewer the opportunity to build the layers of the dream world in their mind. It’s the hallmark of good storytelling that a film with no less than five layers of reality is so easy to follow.

Casting is beyond good. Every member of the team is great, though Hardy stands out to me. Murphy is particularly strong too. Only Marion Cotillard’s Mal leaves me a little cold – Nolan seems to struggle pulling a good performance out of her.

Zimmer’s score is hugely enjoyable. It is some of my favourite work of his, and ‘Mombasa’ and ‘Time’ are standout tracks. He conveys both the heart and energy of the story. Nolan is a master in control of various disparate elements. This control is why he remains one of my favourite directors.


Video: 9/10.

“Inception” offers excellent detail and accurate colours. Levels are good too. The encode has no issues either. It’s a strong upgrade, though some shots are a little soft due to Nolan’s shooting style.

Audio: 9.5/10.

The 5.1 track is the same as on the Blu-ray. It’s excellent, with clear dialogue, lots of bass, and good surround usage. The lack of an Atmos upgrade holds it back from a perfect score.


MoofieMeter: 9/10.