I See You (2019)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 6.5/10.

Director Adam Randall launches right into “I See You”, setting up what at first appears to be a supernatural horror/thriller. Partway through the film, a reveal turns that idea on its head though, and a further reveal changes it up again in the final act.

Without delving into spoiler territory, I’ll simply say it’s interesting to essentially see one story told three different ways. That’s both its hook, and its Achilles heel.

The first section isn’t far the most interesting. The oddness works, and the characters get a reasonable amount of development. The second act squanders that though, as the additional characters aren’t nearly as interesting, nor are their storylines. The final act is somewhere between the two, managing to illuminate earlier actions while devolving into more standard horror fare.

I also need to mention one thing I normally wouldn’t: someone’s appearance. Sadly, Helen Hunt appears to have had quite a bit of work done and it’s super distracting in every scene she’s in. She doesn’t really look like herself anymore, with skin stretched ridiculously tight across her face.

In the end, the film works well enough, but I’m convinced the film may have been better with one or two-story threads instead of three. As it stands, it tries to be a little too smart for its own good.

Format: Streaming

Video: 9/10.

Digitally shot, it’s got quite a lot of detail. The image is a touch flat at times, but it’s a stylistic choice. It handles low light shots well, with no noise present.

Audio: 9/10.

A very strong lossy track for streaming. The sound design is quite deliberate. It’s not a huge mix, but all elements such as dialogue, effects, and score are rendered well.


MoofieMeter: 7/10.