Ford v Ferrari (2019)

by Get to da Moofies!

Film: 9.5/10.

I’ve been a fan of Mangold for just about forever. His early work was solid, and Identity was the moment I was converted to a disciple. Since then he’s delivered some great pieces of cinema, and this film is one of them. He handles the story effortlessly. The entire film has a wonderful flow to it. Even when it feels like it might drag, he has the awareness to pick up the pace.

The cast is top notch. Damon is rock solid, but it’s Bale who steals the show with an infectious performance. Of late, some of his performances have felt disengaged, but not here. He’s lively. Balfe is excellent too – she’s like an agreeable Claire Foy (sorry Claire) and she and Bale have great chemistry. Letts has a great moment with Damon.

The racing scenes are high octane, and there’s a sense of energy running through the whole film. It makes it a fun affair. Mangold absolutely nailed the tone.

A few things hold it back from a perfect score. Even on my third watch, I feel that the late exit of a character could have been handled better, and some more dynamic shots in the racing scenes would have been nice. Still, minor niggles in an otherwise great film.


Video: 10/10.

• A gorgeous transfer
• Impressive detail levels for a 2K upscale
• Spot on colours and levels
• Beautiful cinematography by Papamichael

Audio: 10/10.

• A flawless Atmos mix
• Marco Beltrami’s score is pitch perfect and sounds great
• Perfect dialogue reproduction
• Dynamic and realistic sound effects
• Engines have great low end growl to them


MoofieMeter: 10/10.