Chameleon (2019)

by EHL Movie Reviews

Run Time: 1 hour 20 min
Release Date: October 01 2019
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Director: Marcus Mizelle
Cast: Joel Hogan, Alicia Leigh Willis

Plot Summary

A struggling ex-con and his unpredictable accomplice scam superficial trophy wives and their rich older husbands in self-obsessed Los Angeles.

A few days back I was approached by Marcus Mizelle, the Writer/Director of ‘Chameleon’, to check out and review his new film. Recently premiering at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, this film is now preparing for a US theatrical run.

Independent films have to be looked at in a slightly different light, usually working with a low budget and very specific schedules, and this is something that is recognisable. Taking all into account, easily the best part about ‘Chameleon’ is how thought out each scene comes across on screen. The variety of different camera angles and different lighting create the mood of each scene you are watching, which really resonates in the final product.

This storyline is a very interesting one, it keeps you gripped to the screen and gives you those interesting little twists and surprises you don’t see coming., the ones which everyone loves. At times it became a little confusing, but most of these gaps were filled in solving that confusion.

At times the acting felt a little sloppy, and maybe the script needed beefing out a little bit. Because of these reasons the emotion wasn’t always clear to see but there were times when you could see the emotion so it wasn’t throughout the whole film.

A gripping storyline complied together with some unexpected twists, a film that was stunningly shot, creating the mood of each scene on screen. Sometimes a little confusing but the gaps were filled when they needed to be.