Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: No More Loot Boxes

by Starsky

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is introducing a new Battle Pass system, not a loot box system. All functional content that has an impact on game balance, such as base weapons and attachments can be unlocked simply by playing the game.

The new Battle Pass system will allow players to see the content that they are earning or buying. Battle Passes will launch timed to new, post-launch live seasons, so you can unlock new Modern Warfare-themed content that matches each season. With the new system, players will be able to earn COD Points by playing the game.

There will be both a Free Stream and a Premium Stream of content in the Battle Pass System in Modern Warfare. New base weapons will be earned through gameplay, simply by playing Modern Warfare. Functional attachments for base weapons can be unlocked through gameplay as well just like in the game’s Beta. The Battle Pass and the In-Game Store will feature a variety of cosmetic content that does not impact game balance.

The Battle Pass System for Modern Warfare will not launch when the game releases on October 25th, but is expected later this year.

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