Bombshell (2019)

by Film Notions

With three wonderful performances at the centre of this by the numbers political drama, Bombshell shines a cinematic light on the fall of Fox News boss, Roger Ailes. Ailes (John Lithgow), was fired in 2016 for multiple sexual harassment cases with 23 known victims.

Bombshell is written by the writer of The Big Short, and that style is plastered all over it. The tone and direction are kindred to an Adam Mckay film (The Big Short). Jay Roach employes a similar mockumentary technique Mckay has become well known for. It is, however, the performances that are the highlight of this, based on a true story, drama. Kidman and Robbie give great supporting performances, with the major talk and award nominations centered around Margot Robbie’s outing. She is great, particularly in two emotionally charged scenes. But Bombshell is fully weighted on Charlize Theron’s portrayal of Megyn Kelly, and I’m surprised that’s not the performance that is consuming the conversation around this film.

Bombshell is a good film. It’s not great, but it is good, and certainly worth watching. The pacing is a little slow at stages, but for the most part, keeps you entertained. I also thought that the score wasn’t great, needing more tension than it was given. I didn’t know too much about this story, and it has sharpened my desire to delve into it further. I’ve been hearing great things about The Loudest Voice, in which Russell Crowe plays Roger Ailes, so that’s been added to the Tv watchlist.

If you like political dramas like recent films, The Report and Official Secrets I’m sure you’ll get enough out of Bombshell. The performances are worth the price of admission.