Blinded by the Light (2019)

by EHL Movie Reviews

Run Time: 1 hour 57 min
Release Date: August 09 2019
Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director: Gurinder Chadha
Cast: Viveik Kalra, Nell Williams, Aaron Phagura

Plot Summary

In 1987 during the austere days of Thatcher’s Britain, a teenager learns to live life, understand his family and find his own voice through the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Based on screenwriter Sarfraz Manzoor’s memoir “Greetings from Bury Park”, a man that has seen “The Boss” (Bruce Springsteen) over 150 times in concert. This is his story, a coming of age story set in the heart of Luton.

Javed inspires to become a writer, a passion of his since he was just a little boy, it’s not until he discovers Bruce Springsteen where he starts to come out of his shell, using those lyrics to tackle all the problems in his life. This story-line grows as it goes, pretty slow starting but really digs in and eventually makes this a really enjoyable watch.

With the addition of some great singing moments, the acting is average throughout but it does enough, with a few laughs and inspiring moments. To come to grips with Rob Brydon in his role was tough, but it was only a small part.

A coming of age story, that didn’t quite hit all the right notes. A Springsteen fan will probably love this, while there will be plenty of people that will dislike the film. It wasn’t perfect but was enjoyable none the less.