Annihilation (2018)

by The Movie Diorama

Self-destruction. The impulsive actions to which we destroy ourselves and others around us. Immoral choices that annihilate the surrounding matter. A cancerous tumour manifesting and mutating itself. Disintegrating the mind. Corruption. Garland’s Annihilation is not your typical sci-fi blockbuster. It’s a thought provoking piece of reflection and refraction, masterfully realised by intricate imagery that evokes dread and intrigue.

Colourful cross-breeding species glistening across “The Shimmer.” Bodies conjoined to walls and floors. A snarling bear with the cries of a fallen comrade’s last shout for help. A mysterious horror that will entrance you with its hypnotising visuals and mesmerising story.

My second viewing produced the same effect. As soon as the title card for “The Lighthouse” graced my screen, my jaw hit the floor yet again. Nearly the entirety of the third act is dialogue free. Just an evocative score to accompany the beautiful ugliness of humanity. To be honest with you, never seen anything quite like it.

Garland flicks the switch on his “audience trance machine” (much like he did in ‘Ex Machina’) and ensures no one moves a muscle. Tantalisingly powerful! Committed performances, a thematic narrative, and visual splendour. Annihilation is without a doubt one of the best sci-fi films this decade, and I’m glad the UK finally got a physical release!