100 Thieves Back-to-Back CWL Champs

by Starsky

100 Thieves have now won back-to-back Call of Duty World League (Black Ops 4) championships after defeating Gen.G 3-1 in Anaheim, California. Their first significant event victory came back in May when they defeated eUnited 3-1 in the Grand Final, held in London, England. 100T’s dominance is nothing short of spectacular purely because of the established teams that they have faced in the 2019 CWL season thus far. On their road to victory for Anaheim, they were never taken to a final map five in each series, having closed out each series win in four maps. 100T member SlasheR was named the ASTRO Gaming MVP for CWL Anaheim following the team’s victory. The team earned $125,000 in prize winnings from the $325,000 total prize pool for the pro cup – a productive day at the office. Is it too early to say that the Call of Duty competitive scene has its next great dynasty?

100T Roster & Roles

GT: Octane
Name: Sam Larew
Residency: United States
Birthday: June 23, 1997
Date Joined 100T: August 31, 2018
Role: AR Slayer

Octane is an assault rifle slayer who has the responsibility of killing enemies around the map to take map control for the given objective at hand. Slayers will typically have the highest amount of kills on their team each game; it is common for organizations to have multiple slayers who split into two categories of (1) AR slayers and (2) SMG slayers. AR slayers generally have the role of The Anchor, which requires them to have pinpoint aim so that SMG (sub-machine gun) players can work the interior areas of the map more effectively. Knowledge of where the spawns are as well as where the objectives rotate to on each map is critical in being a successful AR slayer. These are crucial if a team wants to have a deep run in each tournament.

GT: Kenny
Name: Kenny Williams
Residency: United States
Birthday: September 2, 1999
Date Joined 100T: August 28, 2018
Role: Flex

Kenny is a flexible player who is capable of playing multiple roles in any given game. The positions change due to a map or game mode, so he is required to be well rounded in all areas of the game by slaying or playing the objective using an AR or SMG. Kenny has likely been given this role because of his experience with other competitive teams as an SMG and AR slayer.

GT: SlasheR
Name: Austin Liddicoat
Residency: United States
Birthday: September 2, 1994
Date Joined 100T: September 26, 2018
Role: Flex

SlasheR is another flexible player for 100T who has a wealth of experience under his belt as an AR slayer. He has the reputation (like Kenny) as an aggressive player and is capable of a variety of roles that he may be put into by 100T management.

GT: Enable
Name: Ian Wyatt
Residency: United States
Birthday: January 20, 1994
Date Joined 100T: September 26, 2018
Role: SMG Player

Enable is an SMG player that essentially sprints across the entire map so that they can achieve the game objective(s). SMG players commonly have faster reaction times, which is a crucial characteristic for close-quarter engagements. Although he isn’t the best in that particular category, Enable is a veteran player who has brought in leadership qualities that will be critical in grooming the younger talent on the roster.

GT: Priestahh
Name: Preston Greiner
Residency: United States
Birthday: June 27, 1998
Date Joined 100T: January 28, 2019
Role: Flex

Priestahh is the third flexible player for 100T who has a reputation as an SMG player in his earlier years in the competitive Call of Duty scene. He was the last active member to join the squad on loan from FaZe Clan. The 100T head coach, James Crowder, was involved in the movement between the two organizations. Crowder is a former competitive player.

The team has its focus on the CWL Finals, taking place in Miami from July 19 – July 21, 2019. Do you think they have what it takes to three-peat?