Q&A – Vol. 6:
The Battle Pass

by Starsky

What does The Battle Pass provide to its audience?
@thebattlepass is a high tier content and news source for everything Fortnite. It keeps you up to date, entertained, and informed

When was TBP established?
TBP was an afterthought, in a positive way, of the success of @thebattlepass, and was established only a few months after I began the page @thebattlepass

Describe who you are in a few words
My name is Evan, I’m 21 and I am from North Carolina. I currently work do this full time, and have been doing it full time for about 2 years.

What inspired you to create the page?
Honestly, back in February of 2017 I was banned on my Xbox Live account (falsely) but still needed my Fortnite fix. I noticed that no one, at the time, had pulled consistently good content and news from Reddit while giving proper credit to the original posters.

Are you involved in any other major pages?
I grow pages around hype and if they aren’t pulling in money, I sell them. I currently own @thebattlepass @allapexlegends and @dailyapex

When did you realize the page was taking off?
The page was an instant success due to my original mission of providing consistently good content.

What was the biggest roadblock along the way?
To be honest, I haven’t had any significant issues. The closest I’ve had to a “roadblock” is that as the end of a season nears, content and engagement lowers, but that’s expected.

Is TBP your main business?
TBP is currently my main business, but taking it to the next step is massively focused around networking, and I haven’t been in the game long enough. So who knows how long this will last

Describe to me what a typical day is like running the page
Depending on if I have stuff to do outside of Instagram, or not, I either get the majority of my content from news sources or if I have more time I’ll browse for unique content. I wake up, check my sources, and consistently do this throughout the day.

How do you stay up to date with all the updates and tweaks?
Mostly from my friends who manage news sources, such as fnbr.news

What is next for TBP?
At this point the future is uncertain, social media is a brutal field and there isn’t always money in it, which is sadly necessary for me.

Favourite Fortnite season so far?
I play on and off, but I think I had my most successful season during Season 3.

Who are the top players right now in the world for competitive Fortnite?
As boring as this answer is, most of the better players are usually not the best entertainers, so no one truly knows. However, obviously, the pros that competed at the World Cup are a good start. I also think @nc_khanada is the best unknown player.

List some of your favourite pages that provide Fortnite content?
@fortnitebr is a close friend and easily posts the best consistent content with no feed post ads.

Are you a player of the game?
I enjoy playing competitively but I play too inconsistently to compete where I’d want to.

What advice would you give to people starting out on Instagram?
Instagram, and social media as a whole is a hard beast to tame. My biggest recommendation is to post sharable content, and really think about that. When posting, ask yourself if you’d send something like it to a friend, and if you received that dm, would you follow the account. Also, be ready to put aside a budget and buy promotions to grow quickly, if you’re impatient.

Do you think the game has a bright future?
I think Fortnite will be played for years to come, maybe not as much as it once has, but will always have a player base.