Q&A – Vol. 14: ToxicTealTwitch

by Starsky

What inspired you to start TTT?
I started toxictealtwitch over the summer last year (2018) because at the time I was super into Fortnite BR. The page gained traction almost immediately when I began actually posting/engaging with it. Since then, my interest in playing Fortnite has diminished, but I still enjoy keeping up with the game by posting content.

What does the page do exactly?
Right now, I’ve been focusing on posting only the most important leaks/theories for Fortnite. Previously, I had a lot of filler content, but I quickly got burnt out on that. My goal currently is to provide a spam-free Fortnite news page of sorts.

Where do you source all of your information?
Lots of my posts I get from various subreddits such as r/FortniteBR and r/FortniteLeaks. I try to credit each individual Reddit or where credit is due. I try to post at least once every 2 days now.

You also own Team Xposed. Explain how that came about?
@teamxposed is a project I started with @fortniteaddicts a few months ago. I’m super proud of how the team is turning out, and I think we’ve made a lot of progress. Currently, we’re working on growing the team as rapidly as (cont) possible and soon we will be entering and tournaments and setting up a merchandise store.

Do you own any other pages?
I actually own about 3 other pages that have over 10k, but I usually just grow them and sell them for a quick buck. The pages are @minecraftbuildn and of course @teamxposed

What is the toughest part of running these pages?
The toughest part of running an Instagram business is being consistent with posts, and not getting down if your engagement goes down occasionally.

Is this a full-time role for you?
I’m actually a full-time high school student right now.

Are you a gamer?
Yes, I guess I am a gamer. I currently enjoy playing Borderlands 3 and COD.