Mid90s (2018)

by Film Notions

The first film for me for 2019 and it’s a cracker! Jonah Hill gets his debut feature spot-on, with this coming of age, nostalgic 90’s indie. Mid90’s is wonderfully authentic, never feels forced, and the 90 minutes is a joy to watch. The acting is all so natural, and I think it really helped that most of the cast are unknowns. It made it feel completely authentic. The soundtrack is another highlight of the film, again never feeling forced or cliche.

The 4:3 ratio has been used to great effect, really drawing the viewer back to the mid-1990’s. I really don’t think the film would have worked in a widescreen format. It certainly wouldn’t have felt as authentic.

The entire cast is superb. Special mentions to Sunny Suljic (Stevie/Sunburn) and Na-kel Smith (Ray). It’s a beautiful scene when these two are having the deep and meaningful.

The film is short and sweet, and I definitely could have sat through another 30 minutes. Mid90’s is cleverly written, wonderfully acted and directed with confidence. I highly recommend it.