IT Chapter Two (2018)

by Film Notions

Pennywise is back but not for long if you believe ‘It Ends’. But at the same time he’s back for QUITE SOME TIME, in this 2 hours 49-minute horror marathon.

I grew up with IT. We use to watch it all the time as kids and it was a firm favourite in our household. We would repeat lines from the film constantly. “Ba Ba Ba Billy Boy, Beep Beep Richie.” I was extremely wary of the remake but thought it was done really well, so I was super keen for Chapter 2, even with the extra long runtime. The one thing from the original that I missed in Chapter 1, was the story of The Losers as adults.

So they bring all of that to the table with an onslaught of talent and A listers. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, plus more are all great, and worthy successors to their kid counterparts. Bill Hader injects a lot of humour, which everyone in the cinema really loved!

For the most part, they do a great job of retelling the story, and there are some genuine scares, loads of creepiness and a big splashing of weird, which I welcomed wholeheartedly. Shit gets pretty crazy! There are also some great in-jokes and easter eggs directed towards the writer, Mr. Stephen King. There is also a great cameo.

The thing that lets the film down, for sure, is the one thing I think we can all agree we were all concerned with. That almost 3-hour runtime. It really does feel long. By the end, I was urging those credits to roll. With so many films these days, they aren’t keeping enough on the credit room floor, and in my opinion, it’s very rare that it doesn’t hurt the film. Bring back the Directors Cut Blu-ray, pleeeease….. so that if we choose, we can enjoy a 3 hour cut with the wonderful addition of the pause button.